Look no further, Gaget Spa is the answer to your problems, that are related to your gadgets. We Deal with repairing Laptops, Tablets and your Phones, of any or all brands. We have engineers who are very professional about their work, and provide with complete hardware and software support makeing sure that your gadget is returned to you in a condition that is as good as new.

Here in gadget spa we have people who collect your device from your office or residence which ever place is most suitable for you, and we personally have it dropped back to your desired place, which makes it more convenient for you to work with the perfect peace pf mind, without having to travell to and fro.

While our person goes to collect your gadget for repair a message containing a number will be sent to you on your phone from our domain, you can check the status of your gadget with it’s help. Untill and unless the number has been sent to you, please do not give your gadget to the person.

We are a +certified company and have satisfied a numerous customers in and around Kolkata.

It is our request that the customer has a backup of their data from the device to be repaired, since we will not take any responsibility of the data backup.

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